Custom Software Development Services

Our Suite of Custom Software Development Services

We provide a wide variety of software development services that are tailored to your unique business requirements as a custom software development firm.

We specialize in creating unique software applications, and we leverage our resources and facilities for offshore development to guarantee cost savings for you. We develop the best business applications to suit your business and technological requirements thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expertise of technological elements, software tools, application integration methodologies, and multi-platform environments. To guarantee that our solutions delivery LISTECH have a consistent understanding of your requirements at all times, LISTECH has a transparent project management and change management methodology that is focused on proactive communication with clients.

Custom Software Development

LISTECH can help map your business needs and create a usable, fit for purpose business application. We can provide application customisation, integration of third-party software, development of content management systems, intranets, extranets, internationalisation and localisation of web applications, e-enablement of legacy applications and upgrading existing business applications.

LISTECH can assist with mapping your company's requirements and developing a practical, fit-for-purpose business application. Application customization, third-party software integration, the creation of content management systems, intranets, and extranets, the internationalization and localization of web applications, the e-enablement of legacy applications, and the upgrading of current business applications are all services we can offer.

LISTECH provides support throughout the entire lifetime of developing software products. At our development centres, we build up and oversee specialized LISTECH product development and support for our clients.

Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of technological start-ups and Independent Software Vendors (ISV). We assist clients in achieving their goals for product development and support, accelerating time to market, utilizing the appropriate soft skills, and managing expenses. The investments we continuously make to establish a solid infrastructure with the necessary hardware, software, and communication facilities to meet every expectation of our clients is what sets us apart from the competition. We have policies and procedures in place to protect the clients' intellectual property rights.

To satisfy your every need for development support, LISTECH's offshore software development centres are always fully staffed with competent software engineers and technical support specialists.