Pharmacy Management System

Listech Pharmacy Management system allows functionality to maintain and organize the medication use and process within pharmacies. It serves safe and effective dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs. During the dispensing process, the system prompts the pharmacist to verify the medication they have filled. The Listech Pharmacy management system offers clinical decision support and configures to alert the pharmacist to perform clinical interventions if this system is plugged-in with Listech Hospital Management System.

Listech Pharmacy Management system can keeps track of medicine batches with multi rates. And it can be customized time frame to generate alerts for expiry also equipped with barcode module to print Barcode Labels for medicines. The distribution module in this software has the feature of assigning orders to distribution channels automatically based on the supply date of items and days needed to deliver the orders.

The relationship management module of the software stores the details regarding the customer. It helps owners to send emails and alerts to customers about offers and schemes.

Benefits of implementing a Pharmacy management system:

Maintain Batches
Helps users to maintain batch-wise stock of medicines.
Batch-wise stock can be distribute on FIFO basis.
Recognize Expiry Items
Allows users to access the list of expiry item(s) in advance prior to their expiry dates. So that use can easily take appropriate action on those item(s).
Role Based User Access
User can be easily created and maintained to access software system.
User-Rights can be assigned to users based on their positions of working area.
Data Accuracy
Removes human errors
Alerts when there’s a shortage of stock
Data Security
Helps to keep patients records private
Restricts access through role-based access control
Revenue Management
Makes daily auditing simple
Helps with statistics and other financial aspects