Library Management System

Listech Library Management System that comprehensively manages books, newspaper, CD’s, Magazines is suitable for schools, enterprises and institutions as well as small & medium sized libraries. Books can be maintained in this system with its Location and sub-locations. It tracks the records of the number of books in the library, how many books are issued, or how many books have been returned or renewed or late fine charges, etc.

Listech Library Management System eliminates the need for repetitive manual work and minimizes the chances of errors. It helps in reducing operational costs. Managing a library manually is labour intensive and an immense amount of paperwork is involved. An automated system reduces the need for manpower and stationery. This leads to lower operational costs. Stock checking and verification of books in the library can be done with a few clicks. The automated system saves a considerable amount of time as opposed to the manual system.

Benefits of implementing a Library management system:

Maintain Location/Sub-Location
Helps users to maintain Location-wise stock of books.
Sub-location also helps to easily search and locate books.
Recognize ISBN
Allows users scab books with its ISBN number
Role Based User Access
User can be easily created and maintained to access software system.
User-Rights can be assigned to users based on their positions of working area.
Data Accuracy
Removes human errors
Alerts when there’s a shortage of stock
Data Security
Helps to keep patients records private
Restricts access through role-based access control
Revenue Management
Makes daily auditing simple
Helps with statistics and other financial aspects