Hotel & Restaurant System

Our Hotel and restaurant system consist different modules to handle day to day routines of hospitality industry with easy and smooth way. As we have Front-Desk module to easy maintain check-in and check-out activities, and also for restaurant system we have POS module to get orders and maintain orders data with KOT (Kitchen Order Tickets). For Back-End Activities we have Inventory, House-Keeping, Laundry, Gym, Conference Hall Booking, Parking Tickets and Breakfast Tickets etc.

In our hotel system Room Rates can be easily customized under Seasonal rate Module like:

  • Normal Rates
  • Shoulder Rates
  • Peak Rates
  • Super Peak Rates

Our System can be easily Plugged-in with Mobile-Apps and websites based on client’s specific requirement.

Benefits of implementing a Hotel & Restaurant management system:

Guest Booking
Helps User to maintain easy guest booking either online/offline saves their time.
Is equipped with features to categories guest bookings like walk-in/web booking/Business booking etc.
Easy Check-in/Out
Allows user to easily maintain check-in or check-out operation on front desk. So provides guest(s) hassle-free experience.
Overall Cost Reduction
Cuts down paper costs as all the data are computerized
No separate costs for setting up physical servers
Data Accuracy
Removes human errors
Alerts when there’s a shortage of stock
Data Security
Helps to keep patients records private
Restricts access through role-based access control
Revenue Management
Makes daily auditing simple
Helps with statistics and other financial aspects

Complete Booking Engine Features

  •    Intuitive dashboard
  •    Manage all your inventory from one place
  •    Efficiently and Better Visibility
  •    Manage Rooms and Tables
  •    Seamless booking experience.
  •    View, Modify & cancellation of Rooms bookings
  •    View, Modify & cancellation of Table bookings
  •    Room services management
  •    Table Food services proper management
  •    Invoicing
  •    GST reports
  •    Complete Accounting
  •    Reports of all needs